Today Charlene took Kaylin to a get-together of girls she went to university with. I stayed at home looking forward to having some time to myself at home and maybe being able to get a bunch of stuff done for All New Comics…but an hour after they left, I realized how oddly quiet our house was.

It's not like the house is never quiet. The Kegger sleeps quite a bit still…but it was different. Normally when she's sleeping, you're actively listening for her even if you don't realize it. You listen to the monitor, you take glances at it all the time, but when she's not in the house you don't even have the monitor sound…the house is totally silent.

When she's awake there's always sound, either she's playing with something, or chattering, or yelling because her teeth bug her, or just giggling because we're talking to her.

I guess it's true what they say about a house not being a home without kids. Who knew?