Don't talk about supper club…but I'm gonna anyway. Last night was the premiere meeting of the newly minted “Supper club”, a chance for a bunch of us mommies and daddies to get away from the kids, have an adult meal, adult conversation, and perhaps a few adult beverages. For a first start, I'd say it was a rousing success!

The first restaurant was Bertoldi's, a fine Italian place on trendy Richmond Row. Food, good. Service, decent (although the poor waitress screwed up the bills a little bit), and the company delightful. It's nice to get out and see friends, not have to worry about the house gnome, and have real life adult conversations. Of course a couple of those conversations revolved around the various house gnomes, but we largely kept up big kid talk.

Gotta say, as good as my wood fired calzone was the cappuccino creme brulee was the highlight of my night.

After saying goodbye to our friends, Char and I headed back to casa Garside to thank my mom and dad for babysitting, and I headed back out to John's for the latest UFC.

The first couple of bouts were less than stellar, but one fight made up for the entire thing. Ryan and I got back into the UFC because of The Ultimate Fighter, and we dragged John along to a live UFC event the at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas the week after the Ultimate Fighter finale in April 2005. The guy who helped make the show exciting was Forrest Griffin, a 205lb fighter with the heart of a lion and the mannerisms of Curley from the Three Stooges.

He fought the #1 ranked 205lb fighter in the world. He should have lost, but instead he pulled out one of the most exciting fights, with all three of us standing on our feet at various times during the bout. It was spectacular, and he made the fight of the night for us.

Luckily the last fight of the night was JUST boring enough to wind down the adrenaline rush and allow me to get a good night's sleep, but Forrest once again was the star of the show, just like he is every time he steps inside the octagon.