I love living in London. Not like mind you, LOVE. My job's great, my family's great, I enjoy driving again, and we get to have all of the big-city benefits with about 1/10th of the traffic. Why just this past weekend was a perfect example of how London's awesome.

I've already documented my ridiculously short commutes. Bad day, 15 minutes. Good day, 7 minutes. It's about 8km, so that's roughly a kilometer a minute.

Friday night I went to a Knights game. I went home first, had dinner, drove downtown, parked, and made it to the 7:30pm game nearly on time (I was late because I left my house at 7:20 and parked a few blocks away). The Knights play in Downtown London, I paid $3.00 for parking 3 blocks away, and there were TONS of spaces in the garage I went to. I watched an incredibly competitive game of hockey with three guys from work, and had a great time. The game ended at 10:00 and after going out for coffee with the guys, I was home by 10:30.

Ten freakin' thirty!

Saturday we decided to go to Apple Land. It's about ten minutes outside of London. We drove, 30 minutes door to door…had fun for an hour or so, and headed back home…thirty minutes later we were home.

Sunday we had friends over (Dave, Joanne and their daughter Lia), ordered Chinese and had to drive across town to pick it up! It took 20 minutes.

Yeah…I love London.