Since I moved to London, I’ve been searching for a good computer shop.  Oh sure there’s tons of computer stores here, but most of them have a middling selection, tiny little cramped shops, and really crappy staff.  I’ve gotten a lot out of Mega Computer, they’re good guys, have a great website (which is always up to date with their stock), and they built my most recent Media Center when my motherboard got fried.  Still sometimes I like to wander around a store and see what they’ve got.

In Ajax I used to travel over to Whitby to a place called Extreme Tech, which was a nice airy big shop.  Up at TSN we’d travel up to Pacific Mall every now and then to check out the computer shops.

My favourite shop in Pacific Mall was Canada Computers, which while tight and cramped, always had everything you wanted, and if they didn’t have it there, you could drive 5 minutes to the warehouse and pick up whatever you needed.

They just opened a location in London, and it’s everything that I want in a computer store, huge, full of stock, bright, friendly staff, and close by.  Plus, their web site is actually accurate.  I purchased their last remaining stick of 2gb PC2 5300 667MHz CL5 Patriot RAM, and when I got home the site was updated with the fact they were out of stock!