Three years ago today

It was three years ago today that Charlene Kish not only said “I will” when asked if she would love me for the rest of my life, but she added my name to the collection of things of mine she had accumulated (which includes my heart).

I may not say it enough here…because I’m not always a sap, but she’s the best person I know, and the one person who inspires me to do more, be a better person, and live life to the fullest.

Since I’ve met her I’ve been to California, Vegas (thrice), and soon to the Carribean. I’ve learned more about my own province than I ever thought possible, and I’ve gained the patience to wait 18 months to move into our house.

Baby, you’re the greatest. Here’s to the best three years of my life, and to many, many more like them.

1 thought on “Three years ago today”

  1. Who would have thought those 2 horny kids making out like bunnies in the TSN loading dock (loading dock is a funny double entendre when you consider how you were behaving there) could build such a future. BTW I hope the new homestead has a loading dock area so you can continue the tradition. That said it was Charlene you made out with in the loading dock wasn’t it and not one of your many previous conquests?


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