Holy crap time flies! I've got just under 23 days left until the Toronto Comicon (where All New Comics makes our grand entrance), I was away for 4 days, but in some ways it felt like minutes, in others it felt like months….and my baby's almost 8 months old!

The all new All New Comics website is just being tweaked a little bit before it goes online, but it's coming along swimmingly. The new site takes into account everything we've learned about the old site in the last six months and is truly a V2 release. I hope to have it up by the end of the weekend, and if all goes according to plan, the new Subscription tool will be released at the same time.

That's not all of the All New Comics goodness that's going on though. I'm having some polo shirts made, a few baseball caps, and some more t-shirts printed up. In addition to that, I finished a print ad, we're having post cards and business cards printed, and I'm looking into a vinyl banner.

Kaylin is hilarious at this age. She's always babbling on about something, with her little blablablablablablab or dododododododo voices. She's a hoot. She also makes sounds that are exactly like real live words. Tonight as she was eating her Rusk (rice cookie), she said what sounded exactly like “It's good.”, we almost peed ourselves laughing. She also says “Dat” repeatedly (like as in “dat dat dat dat dat dat dat”).

I love her bunches, and I missed both her and Charlene terribly last week, but I had an awesome picture of Kaylin on my desktop, and Char and I made time for a nightly call. Kaylin and Char visited Meme and Pepe (Char's mom and dad) last week, and had a blast.

Char, the angel that she is, totally surprised me and met me at the airport with Kaylin. The Kegger just kind of looked at me for a few moments, but she suddenly brightened up and realized who I was. It was so awesome after being on the road for almost 10 hours (I left my hotel at 3am Utah time and touched down in Toronto at almost 2pm) to see my two favourite girls in the world.

One final thing: to Hans, George, Yan, Henry, and Larry. You can stop posting your idiotic spambot crap to my site. Not one of your inane posts has made it to the site. I am not interested in your dumb lawsuits, your lame travel tickets, or any of your other scams. Simply go away. Thank you.