Vegas baby, Vegas

Vegas baby, VEGAS!
Char and I are on our way to Las Vegas this morning, we’ve left the fish at a neighbor’s, and we’re dropping off the house gnome at grandma’s.

More on this story as it develops, but…Vegas baby. Vegas! – Updated Friday 15 2007.

MAN this city has changed a boatload. Ryan, John and I were here in 2005 for the UFC fight, it’s less than 3 years later and the city has grown by leaps and bounds.

We’re staying in the Wynn, the newest, biggest hotel in Las Vegas, and so far the big thing that I’m learning is…I can’t afford to stay in the Wynn. This morning: 2 muffins, 2 coffees, $17.49.

That’s the sound of me gagging on muffin.

2 thoughts on “Vegas baby, Vegas”

  1. When Kari and I went there last, they were building a MEGA resort across from the Wynn (beside the Bellagio). What’s it look like now?

    Any craps playing?

  2. Good for you guys. In 9 years Sonja and I have never worked up the nerve to go on a vacation without the kids. We would just miss them too much. Our weakness. We are trying to work up the nerve to do it this summer.

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