At work I'm knee deep in a redesign of our corporate website, while at home I'm toying around with a pretty major redesign of All New Comics. This one is mostly just visual, but I'm going to group a bunch of things together and make the site a little more graphic…I know, what a concept, a comic book site that is GRAPHICAL! If all goes according to plan, this will launch on May 4th, the day before Free Comic Book Day.

To that end I've whipped up a home page redesign and a product page redesign. Our product page kind of sucks right now, so this new one will address a lot of the problems I have with it.

I'm still working on the “My…” navigation area, and the left navigation area (the white box will be a search area, while the “categories”, “What's New” and “top 10” will go below that), and I might change the main area so that it's 3 products across…but here's where I'm at right now.

Front Page:
Products Page:

The big image will be Flash driven. I'll have to update an XML file with the location of a picture, some text, and a link to the full story (or the product I'm pimping). It will cycle through the 3 pictures/stories on the front page.

For the .03% of users who don't have Flash, they'll get a pimp image telling them to subscribe or die!

What do you think?