Washed up? Why do we care

Britney's career is over (ummm, wasn't that like 8 years ago?). Paris Hilton is whatever. Lindsey Lohan is on drugs, off drugs, on drugs, arrested for DUI. I honestly can't think of three less interesting human beings on the planet, yet we care because…why? Is it because we like a good train wreck, or is it because people like to see how far the mighty have fallen?

Personally I don't really care, I just wish that I could turn on my TV, open a newspaper, browse through a magazine, or surf the web without ever reading the names Britney, Paris, or Lindsey ever again.

Anybody else as bored of these three airheads (with all apologies to airheads everywhere) as I am?

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By Brian Garside

Brian is a digital experience expert, and part time internet superhero. He focuses on digital first design, digital strategies, content management, website usability, and user experience. He was part of the team behind BalanceDo, the co-founder of All New Comics, and the chief strategist at NorthIQ.