So with All New Comics poised to become a HUGE online success story, I've been thinking about what our next steps should be (because that's what makes me a big picture thinker…I think 5 steps ahead of the curve). Of course our first steps are to become a massive online resource, but eventually we're going to need a physical place to hold parties and creator events. The best place for such things would probably be a store. There are thousands of comic stores out there, and frankly about 90% of them suck. Bad.

*Updated with comments and some interesting All New Comics facts.

I've always wanted a place like the Silver Snail, which in my opinion was once one of the best looking shops in the city (but which is starting to fall prey to the “too damn much going on” phenomenon). Heroes World up in Unionville is pretty good and has a few of the things I look for. Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash (two locations one in Red Bank New Jersey, the other in Westwood LA) look awesome.

However James Sime's The Comic Pimp recently focused on a new shop called “Secret Headquarters“. The store looks quite simply awesome. Everything is white walls and rich woods, nice cabinets, shelves, simply beautiful.

What sets them apart are monthly art shows where artists display their original comic book art.

Now that's what a comic book store should look like. Why settle for the mundane when you can reach for the stars?

That's my dream. What do you think would make for a cool store that you'd want to shop in?

** Update, one interesting little factoid that I've come across while surfing through the All New Comics logs. 90% of our sales happen between 8pm and 10am, the time when most stores are closed. Are traditional store hours a waste of time? Is having a brick and mortar presence a good thing or simply a waste of resources in today's iLife world?