All New Comics Version 3I’m working on a ton of cool stuff at work (as always) including a totally revamped search engine, a new version of our Vendor site, and a new sales process, but at home I’m working on a couple of web projects as well.

One of them you’re reading right now, Radical Hive is progressing, although not quite as quickly as I’d hope. I’m also building out a brand new Version 3 of All New Comics which I would like to go online with by the end of the month.

All New Comics was a good enough design for the amount of time I dedicated to it, but I wasn’t comfortable with ripping entire sections of the existing shopping cart apart. I’m less hesitant to do that now, and I’m going to be restyling about 90% of the existing HTML.

So far I’ve built up three page templates. The main page is much cleaner, more graphical, and uses two major font faces to punch things up. Georgia is the main link font face, while Trebuchet MS will be the main face for all content stuff. I still need to find a Mac equivalent for Georgia, but Helvetica Nue will be substituting for Trebuchet on the Mac.

The product page is coming along, but still needs some work. I have some problems with the right column, and I’m trying to make things look a little less chunky.

The same goes for the categories page, as I need to lighten up the right side.

I also need to start working on the subscription pages as I want to totally revamp the flow of them. I’ll start with the main “intro” page, tweaking that a little, and then move on to the actual “Customer” views, which I’d also like to tweak.

At the same time I’m doing some design work for my new blog site, which I hope to have done in early March. Here’s a sneak peek.

Radical Hive

So that’s my stuff. What do you think? Cool, dumb, or indifferent?