I will admit that I like convergence. I like it when my cell phone can also check movie times. I like it that you can get an instant message on a watch now. I think it’s supremely cool that you can surf TSN.ca on TV…but the convergence that still jazzes me is when TV takes an idea, and then really goes wild with it on the web. TSN did that earlier this week with “The TSN Solution“. It’s been one of the most successfull things we’ve ever done on the web.

How do I know? There are nearly 800 responses, and about 90% of them are positive. I’ve watched the “raw” posts, and they’re all positive as well. It’s generated conversation and debate all over the place, and it has people talking about hockey, when there’s no professional hockey to talk about.

I don’t often toot our horn at TSN.ca, because I don’t think it’s a horn that needs to be tooted, but this is just too cool not to toot.