Ronald Reagan died Saturday June 5th.Reagan was the first president that I was really aware of. I was too young to understand what a president was before that, and why he would be relavent to me as a Canadian. Reagan fascinated me for his ability to command an audience. His words were so powerful that the bands I loved at the time would use snippets of his speeches in their songs (I believe Def Leppard’s “Armageddon It” used; “Today we did what we had to do.They counted on America to be passive.They counted wrong”).

It was during Reagan’s presidency that I realized how profoundly America’s foreign policy affected Canadians, in many cases even more profoundly than our own foreign policy affects us.

Lessons I learned 25 years ago still stay with me to this day, and despite Reaganomics, the Iran Contra scandal, and 66 other reasons, he’s my favourite American President.