The Great Communicator

Ronald Reagan died Saturday June 5th.Reagan was the first president that I was really aware of. I was too young to understand what a president was before that, and why he would be relavent to me as a Canadian. Reagan fascinated me for his ability to command an audience. His words were so powerful that the bands I loved at the time would use snippets of his speeches in their songs (I believe Def Leppard’s “Armageddon It” used; “Today we did what we had to do.They counted on America to be passive.They counted wrong”).

It was during Reagan’s presidency that I realized how profoundly America’s foreign policy affected Canadians, in many cases even more profoundly than our own foreign policy affects us.

Lessons I learned 25 years ago still stay with me to this day, and despite Reaganomics, the Iran Contra scandal, and 66 other reasons, he’s my favourite American President.

2 thoughts on “The Great Communicator”

  1. Ronald Reagan was one of the biggest war criminals in history. His Central American policies resultend in a genocide that is still taking place today. Communism fell because it was flawed as was the basis of the Russian economy. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time. His inability to grasp the most simple of concepts resulted in a White House that was run by an unelected, blood thirsty group of bad economists that got rich at the expense of the people. Remember his full name was RONALD WILSON REAGAN. 6 letters in each name 666 the number of the beast. Of course if the conspiracy nuts are right than we have someone else to blame. (the conspiracy is that Reagan died from Hinckley’s bullet and was replaced by a double like Dave with Kevin Kline)


  2. Didn’t say he was a good guy…just said he was my favourite American President.

    Sean Connery is far from a good guy, but he’s my favourite James Bond.

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