Vacancy near the top’s Creative Designer has resigned with the company effective the end of July, while the specifics are still being ironed out, it’s looking more and more like a certain blogger who posts regularly to this site will be filling the position (at least for the next six months). Details as they become public.

2 thoughts on “Vacancy near the top”

  1. A promotion… what happened to the guy who gets the quitties every 3 months after taking a new job. Maybe he’s starting to *gasp shudder* mature?


  2. That’s just cold.

    I mean I quit once because I was making under $19k, got LAID OFF!!!, then quit the second time to come back to the original place, and a brother’s immature?

    Laid off man!


    P.S. I’ve been back at TSN longer than I was away now. June 27th was my 3 year anniversary back.

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