A modest proposal

Westerners are angry with Ontario for voting Liberal. The Bloq is already making rumblings about refferendum’s, so with that in mind, I have a great idea.What if Ontario separated from Canada? Let’s think about it for a moment, there are only a few provinces who give more than they get. Ontario, sometimes Quebec, and Alberta. Ontario’s the economic engine which powers the great ship Canada, and how Ontario goes, so goes the rest of the country. That’s just not fair. It’s not fair to the poor westerners who are all “what about us” (between bites of granola), it’s not fair to the easterners who are “hey bay, what about oos?”, and it’s certainly not fair to the Quebecers who are going “Mais d’accord, que sont nous?”.

For the good of the country, Ontario needs to get the hell out of dodge. We could even make Ottawa a neutral territory, Ontario doesn’t really need it to keep going (and the Sens live there).

Then, like Quebec’s proposed, we’ll just ignore the fact that we owe any debt and leave that for the rest of Canada (which at this point would consist of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, PEI, and parts of New Brunswick.

3 thoughts on “A modest proposal”

  1. yeah right the three provinces that run the country are ontario quebec and B.C. and ontario is a bunch of idiots, because they dont want anyone from the west to run the country, its not like it matters to me, because toronto isnt half the city Vancouver is and never will be. just ask all the tourists. the difference between toronto and vancouver is that Vancouver is a big beautiful city, and toronto is a big ulgy dump. i thought toronto was a great place, but after i visited there my god was i ever in shock. and Vancouver get most of the attention from down south anyways.

  2. the three provinces that run canada are ontario,quebec and B.C. so get your facts straight, no wonder you made yourself look like a fool on tsn.ca/wrestling on the bret hart story. ontario voters are idiots, because they cant stomach a western canadaian running the country. it doesnt matter to me, because toronto aint half the city Vancouver is and never will be. the difference between toronto and vancouver is that Vancouver is a big beautiful city and Toronto is a big ugly dump. iv been there and i was shocked. thats why the population boom is in Vancouver. Plus Vancouver is given more attention down south.

  3. What does BC offer to the rest of the country other than Hemp products? Alberta’s got the oil my friend. Alberta’s the western province that generates cashish, not BC, pretty or not.

    Wasn’t aware I made myself look like an idiot on TSN.ca…at least I didn’t post the same comment twice.

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