So Steve Leiber created “Leiber’s Eleven”, the eleven comics you’d most like to see in libraries (because libraries are the gateway to reading). It took me about five minutes to compile a list, another twenty to weed it down to eleven, and then another half hour to organize it in a 1-11 manner (and even then I’m not happy with how it shook out).Here it is, my 11 most recommended comics.

1 – The Complete Bone (Cartoon Books): Bone will be one of the first comics I read to my kids. It’s pure, it’s innocent, and it’s awesome.

2 – True Story: Swear To God (AIT/PlanetLar): This is the first comic that my wife actually read with me, and really enjoyed. It will always have a place in my heart because I was able to share my passion with her.

3 – Watchmen (DC Comics): So good it’s almost a cliche. Moore was light years ahead of everyone else with this, and 15 years later, you can still read it without cringing from hokey dialogue.

4 – Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl? (Image): Powers made me remember why I loved comics so much in the first place, and this story is absolutely perfect.

5 – Re-Inventing Comics (Perennial): A lot of people will cite Understanding Comics, which is good, but this one goes one better and tries to look at the way comics will change in the future. I loved it even more.

6 – Kingdom Come (DC): I remember reading Alan Moore’s proposal for “Twilight of the Superheroes” back in about ’96. When I read Kingdom Come, I thought that his story had been pretty much nailed. Alex Ross was at his best for this post-apocalyptic look at superheroes.

7 – Marvels (Marvel): Did you ever want to believe that a boy could whip around a city on a web? Alex Ross (this time with Kurt Busiek) managed to make Peter Parker come to life years before Sam Rami got his hands on Toby Maguire.

8 – Top Ten Book 1 (WildStorm): Imagine NYPD Blue set in a superhero universe full of the mad ideas of Alan Moore. That’s Top 10.

9 – New X-Men Volume 1 (Marvel): If pot is a gateway drug, then New X-Men is a gateway comic, Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly’s big ideas and bigger drawings in this collection have brought a couple of my friends back into comics.

10 – 100 Bullets Volume 1 (Vertigo): I can’t think of a better comic to prove that comics aren’t just for kids.

11 – Flight: Volume 1 (Image): It’s only been out two days, and already I think it’s a modern classic.

Of course every single one of these comics is in stock at my favourite comic store…Comics and More (new site coming in 1 week).

Those are my 11 faves, what are yours? Only have a few? That’s cool, post them in the comments, and I’ll discuss them here next week.