The Sony PS3

The Sony PS3

Well, I did it.  Last week in a moment of weakness I sold my HD DVD discs, put the HD DVD player up for auction, and went out and bought myself a Blu Ray player…a PS3 to be specific.

The deal at Rogers video was too good to pass up.  I’ve been eyeing a Blu Ray player for a while because I’m just enough of an AV snob to love the way high def movies look on the HD DVD player.  With nothing new coming out, I just needed a fix.I managed this on our single income through a combination of trickery and brilliant salesmanship.

I paid $399.99 for the PS3, which came with a controller, a Blu Ray remote, 2 games, Singstar, Genji, and a Blu Ray DVD in Jumper.  I put the 2 games and the movie up on eBay, and I’m expecting to get about $90.00 back for them.  My movies netted me about $250.00, I put up a few Xbox games, for another 60.00, and the HD DVD player itself will get about $80.00.  Meaning I got my PS3 down to revenue neutral!

Purely digital movies look brilliant on Blu Ray, and with Dark Knight and Wall E both coming out shortly on Blu Ray, I just had to pull the trigger.

I don’t really want  a second video gaming system, but I can’t hide the fact that I really like the idea of games like Little Big Planet, and the fact that the PS3 is ahead of the curve when it comes to full game digital distribution, and the fact that you can easily add your own hard drive to a PS3 if you want to upgrade it.  If we didn’t have such a huge investment in Rock Band at this point, I might even get rid of ye olde Xbox 360, but between Rock Band tracks, the instruments, and the arcade games I’ve bought with it, I can’t justify getting rid of it now.