Char and I are getting caught up on Lost while it’s on haitus. We’ve caught up to episode 15 right now and only have three more to go to get to episode 18 (which is where they are right now).

Here’s some thoughts and observations;

It seems like the things which each one of the characters are missing are being fulfilled. Charlie was told that he would never be able to take care of anyone, he’s taking care of Claire. Sawyer has never been trusted, both Jack and Kate are starting to trust him. Michael always wanted a relationship with his son. Locke wanted to be the great white hunter. Boone needed to let go. Said didn’t think he could feel love again. The Asian couple are again in love. Claire hasn’t had to actually give birth (they’ve been on the island for a month now).

Other interesting things. The Spanish comic book that Walt was reading featured a massive polar bear. There’s a massive polar bear that’s stalking them.

The hatch in the ground is a classic McGuffin. I don’t think it means anything.

Are they already dead? Is this the afterlife? Is there something about the island?

Lost is definately the best thing on TV, and this comes from a dude who loves 24 and can’t wait for the weekly cliff hanger.

So many TV shows right now are written by guys who are obviously long time comic geeks. The entire spirit of Lost is lifted pretty much out of the Chris Claremont X-Men, where every character has four or five sub-plots lying around, and everyone has secrets, no matter how well you think you know them.