Merry Christmas from the Garsides!

Kaylin and Maks wish you a merry Christmas
Kaylin and Maks wish you a merry Christmas

Maks looks as shocked at Christmas as we are!  It came on us so fast this year that we didn’t even have enough time to get Christmas cards out (having a 2 month old will do that to you).  It was a whirlwind of a year, but I can’t image doing it any other way.

Everyone here gives a shout out to everyone out there for a safe and happy holiday.  Enjoy your Christmas puddings and time with loved ones.  We’ll be treasuring this, the first Christmas that we haven’t had to go anywhere further than 15 minutes away.

Peace and love from the Garside clan.

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  1. I finally found you again! Congratulations on two beautiful little children. I’m sure Christmas was a fun time. Bet Grandma & Grandpa Garside had as much fun as anybody! When the snow clears we’ll make our way to London in the spring and hope to reconnect! Hope 2009 is a healthy, happy year for you. Love to all. Hettie

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