Comics, every kid's best friend

Comics, every kid

I’m getting ruthless with my comics buying.  I’m not really enjoying comics a whole ton right now.  There are a few (very few) bright spots, but by and large the industry itself is kind of leaving me cold.

What AM I really enjoying?  I’d say there’s a half dozen titles.

Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps – The “War of Light” is already such a cool concept, and the lead in to “The Blackest Night” is quite cool.  Geoff Johns is introducing so many cool new characters into the GL pantheon that it’s great.

Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds – I love the Legion, and what Geoff Johns (hey, there’s that name again) is doing with the Legion is pretty impressive.  Managing to make 20 years of mismashed continuity work is a crazy job.

Action, Supergirl, and Superman – Wow.  I never thought I’d like a Superman book again, but Geoff Johns…okay seriously what ISN’T this guy doing…has breathed new life into Superman by introducing 160,000 new Kryptonians.  It’s interesting that he’s taken the exact OPPOSITE angle that John Byrne did 20 years ago, and still making it fresh.

Being a strange visitor from another planet isn’t what makes Superman unique.  Being raised by perfectly normal human parents in rural America is what makes Superman unique.

I’m also still really enjoying Justice Society of America, although the whole “Kingdom Come” storyline is getting a little long in the tooth.

This month I’ve added a couple of titles, but sliced a whole bunch.

Added to the list (shipping January 2009)

Faces of Evil: Grundy One Shot – $2.99
Faces of Evil: Prometheus One Shot – $2.99
Faces of Evil: Deathstroke One Shot – $2.99
Faces of Evil: Kobra One Shot – $2.99
Justice League International V4 HC – $24.99 (ships March 2009)

Sliced from the list:
Ambush Bug Year None – $2.99
Batman Cacaphony – $2.99
Captain Britain and MI 13 – $2.99
Fantastic Four – $2.99
Justice League of America – $2.99
Secret Six – $2.99
Squadron Supreme 2 – $2.99
The Wonderful World of OZ – $3.99
Ultimate Origins – $2.99
X-Force     $2.99

Turns out I just don’t care about these comics anymore, and I’d rather put the $20 or so bucks a month they’re costing me to something more useful.

Batman R.I.P. The Deluxe Edition HC – $24.99

I’m really not enjoying this storyline, so why am I considering buying it in Hardcover?  Dropped.

Geek Monthly  – $5.99

Okay, I do love this magazine, but it’s painfully flimsy.  There’s next to nothing to it, and I can get through it in about an hour start to finish, and when I’m done, I don’t really feel like I retain anything from it.

Here in its entirety is “The list”, these are the comics which I will be getting on an ongoing basis.

Regular Series

Action Comics – $2.99
All Star Batman and Robin – $2.99
All Star Superman – $2.99
Astonishing X-Men – $2.99
Batman – $2.99
Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam – $2.25
Blue Beetle – $2.99
Boys, The – $2.99
Buffy the Vampire Slayer – $2.99
Ex Machina – $2.99
Green Lantern – $2.99
Green Lantern Corps – $2.99
Justice Society of America – $2.99
Mighty Avengers – $2.99
New Avengers – $2.99
Powers – $2.99
Supergirl – $2.99
Superman – $2.99
Teen Titans – $2.99
Tiny Titans – $2.25
Titans – $2.99
True Story Swear to God – $2.99
Uncanny X-Men – $2.99


Previews Magazine – $3.00
Wizard The Comics Magazine – $5.99


Final Crisis – $3.99
Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds – $3.99
Secret Invasion – $3.99
Terra – $2.99
Terror Titans – $2.99
Ultimates 3 – $2.99
War Heroes – $2.99

Trade Paperbacks and Hardcovers

Brush with Passion, Dave Stevens slipcased HC – $50.00
PVP Awesomology Deluxe HC – $99.99
Starman Omnibus V2 HC – $49.99