Just when I think I can start trusting you, I go ahead and click your STUPID Apple Update icon, and click next.  I’m about to click next again to let you update iTunes to the latest version when I see another check box.

What’s this?

Install Safari web browser.

Really?  That’s your play?  You’re going to install your crappy web browser on my system as an “added bonus”?  Isn’t that nice of you…but how about NO!

Then after I let you install iTunes, you tell me you need to reboot my system.  Why pray tell?  You’re not an essential system tool, you’re a stupid MUSIC PLAYER and not a particularly good one let me tell you…oh no, now stop crying, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.  You may not be the brightest or most talented kid on the block, but damn you’re pretty, and your store is pretty neat-o.  Sure you have problems with crazy things like “managing a large library”, and you have difficulty dealing with anything that wasn’t spoon fed from your store, but hey, look at that coverflow thingie! There you go, okay, take a deep breath and stop the snuffling.