Rock BandI’ve been playing Rock Band off and on since Christmas, and other than one night with the guys, we usually play just Char and I. We have a great little two person band ala The White Stripes going on we’re known as “Chip and the Dips”. The two of us have fun together rocking out (Char on drums, me on guitar), but yesterday during our team building session, I experienced Rock Band as it was really meant to be played.

There were 21 of us there together, and the final competition of the team building exercises was a Rock Band competition. We did one practice session so everyone could get used to the controls, then started the competition. My team (Team 2) moved on to the second, third, and final round, and while we won the overall Rock Band competition, we were in a 3 way tie for 1st place overall. To determine the final winner one player from each team was selected to play guitar to Enter Sandman on Expert. The player who lasted the longest would win the overall prize.

Our team selected Liam, who finished 5% of the song. Team 5 selected Mark, who completed 14% at that point the competition was over, Mark’s 14% of blistering guitar riffs and shreds would blow away any competition.

After the team building the Rock Band fun began in earnest. We all tried out different songs, and the moment of the day happened with Nate on vocals during Wonderwall by Oasis.

4 people rocking out on instruments, and 17 others all singing along to the song.

It was a true rock out Rock Band moment!

We played a bunch of other songs, and I had my own personal rock god moment during Wanted Dead or Alive, which was a ton of fun.

It made me realize that we really do need to send the gnome over to Grandma’s some night so we can get a Rock Band party going with a ton of folks.