See you in the funny papers!

Yes, his name is really Al
Yes, his name is really Al

I’m off to Toronto for Fan Expo Canada where I’ll be representing All New Comics with Al, the littlest All New Comics fan. I’m really looking forward to the show, and having 2 nights in a hotel won’t hurt either. Friday night it’s just me and my pillow, but Saturday afternoon Char’s coming down and crashing in my swinging hotel pad!

So what does a guy like me look for at a show like this?  Well, I’m not really interested in new comics, I kinda own a store.  I’ll likely buy some original artwork, because that’s something I enjoy doing.  I might get a sketch or two, I think I’ll get a couple of things signed (like my Killing Joke hardcover).  I’m actually looking for the Green Lantern Sinestro War V1 Hardcover (which I want to get signed), and if I can find some cool art books I’ll likely pick those up as well.

Mostly I’m just going there to work, but I imagine I’ll have a quite a bit of fun as well.  I actually like comic conventions when I’m on the OTHER side of the aisle more than when I’m a fan.  I get to stay in one place and have people come by me rather than the other way around.

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