My City of Heroes charactersSadly, today I let my City of Heroes account expire. It wasn’t really a tough decision, I just wasn’t playing the game that much, and when I was playing it, I just couldn’t play for as long as was apparently needed to get anywhere.

City of Heroes is a massively multiplayer online role playing game. You take on the persona of a hero and go out to defeat villany and bring justice to the world.

Like I said, it’s a really cool game, but MAN does it require a committment. On average it required an hour every time I logged in. If you went on a big mission, you were looking at another hour. Leveling up usually required spending quite a bit of time looking for dudes to beat up, and then you had to run back to your trainer and get leveled up. Plus you would need to slot your enhancements, and tweak your character every couple of hours.

I only made it to level 11 with my main character, Roman Arcane, who was a scrapper with a broadsword. My other characters included: Atma Acerbus, a level 9 blaster. Lady Daemon, a level 8 blaster. Baron Darkside, a level 8 defender (who was a pretty awesome character). Matterman, a level 3 defender.

Roman was cool in the early levels because of his abilty to dish out loads of damage, but as the levels rose and the villians got tougher, he started to suck.

Atma was fun to play because his primary travel power was teleport, and he could pull enemy’s to him, allowing him to dispose of a group of baddies one at a time.

Baron Darkside was really useful because he was both a healer, and a dealer of damage. He could teleport friends to him, and was also able to kill baddies from a distance.

I had a lot of fun playing the game, but in the end it was the massive requirement of time that was needed that is keeping me out of the game.

There is going to be a follow up to the game called “City of Villians” which looks like a lot of fun, maybe this time next year I’ll give it a shot.