TV: Foul Temptress

For the last six months or so I’ve been thinking I’m such a good, productive member of society. I can usually go several days without turning on the TV, and as a testament of my TV-lessness, I’ve pretty much forsaken the TiVo since we moved. I deleted all of my pre-set recordings before the Christmas hiatus, and hadn’t bothered to reset them.

So how did it happen that tonight, the one night of the week that I’m away from my TV, I have to TiVo 24, then I find out that I missed a new Extreme Makeover: Home Edition where they had a “How they did that”, and I missed the first new Desperate Housewives in a month?

I’ve just managed to start getting into Lost, but I stupidly rented out a movie last night which I won’t have time to watch because 24 is on AGAIN tomorrow night for ANOTHER TWO HOURS!!! This of course means that I either watch Las Vegas live, or miss out on it all together.

I have 12 episodes of Lost to catch up on before Wednesday, and then a 2 hour movie to watch, plus 4 hours of 24 to catch up on, damn! When did TV become a full time job?

3 thoughts on “TV: Foul Temptress”

    Monday – 24
    Tuesday – Amazing Race, Scrubs, NYPD Blue, Law and Order SVU, Rescue Me
    Wednesday – Lost, Alias, West Wing, Law and Order
    Thursday – Joey, Survivor, The Apprentice, ER
    Friday – Star Trek Enterprise, Third Watch
    Saturday – Hockey Night in Canada ooooops!
    Sunday – Simpsons, Arrested Development, Desperate Housewives, Law and Order CI, Boston Legal.

    What is a poor boy to do?

    BTW there was a nice inside joke on Housewives Sunday night from Bree (Marcia Cross)

    “I used to friends with a guy who was called Darkside”

  2. Dude, how are you able to keep up with all of that? I have enough trouble trying to fit half that into my schedule…and I HAVE NO KIDS!!!

    Plus you don’t have a TiVo. Man, if you had TiVo, you’d never leave your home.

    I used to have a friend named Don Jonescu…but every time I see him in the halls at TSN, he’s knee deep in a conversation with someone and doesn’t want to acknowledge me.

  3. I don’t watch all of the shows… just most. That’s my wish list.. of course I’d like to rent dvds as well. Perhaps this Don person is intimidated by the person you’ve become. Maybe he feels left out, neglected and now so much time has passed he is afraid to make the 1st move. He must be a very compassionate, shy, articulate, handsome, smart, charismatic young man.

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