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I managed to get a fair amount of gaming in this summer, much to my wife’s chagrin.  The majority of it is all casual, or quick games that I can play for ten or twenty minute stretches in between all of the other stuff I do, but it’s fun nonetheless.

Here’s my list of games I’ve played over the summer.

Burnout Paradise
I can’t say enough about this game.  Criterion has released the first downloadable content pack, and it is revolutionary.  The next one sounds like it will be even better, and it’s FREE!  I keep coming back to Burnout all the time.

It took me a lot longer than it should have, but I finally finished the story missions.  Interestingly I haven’t returned to it since I polished it off.  There’s supposed to be some downloadable content coming soon, but I might put this one up for sale on eBay and use the money for something else in the meantime.  The online play is fun, but it’s not great.  I’d rather play Halo 3 to be honest.

Guitar Hero III
I really bought it just for the guitar, but the game itself is a lot of fun too. I can’t believe what a better game Rock Band is than Guitar Hero though. Little things like character creation and the song store make big differences.

Rock Band
I’m doing a vocal tour. Yeah, that’s right. Vocals.

Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2
The most fun arcade game out there.  With a half dozen different modes, and tons of achievements, this is a game I keep going back to.

The Orange Box
Really just for Team Fortress 2, which I still play from time to time for some multiplayer mayhem.

Fable II Pub Games
Fable was one of my all time favourite games on the original Xbox, the sequel looks to be even more fun.  This is a pre-order bonus that I got when I put my deposit down on Fable II.

Soul Caliber IV
This one was a rental, and I really just wanted to play with Yoda and the Apprentice.  Force Unleashed looks like it could be my favourite game of the year if it lives up to the stuff I’ve seen about it.  The demo’s fun, and really makes me want more.

I’ll moving on to Mercenaries 2, Perfect Dark Zero (which I just got for $5.00), Fable 2, Star Wars the Force Unleashed, Rock Band 2, and likely a couple older titles like Bully and maybe a return to Rainbow Six Vegas next.