Kaylin on the future of GM from Brian Garside on Vimeo

I spent some time last night speaking to my children about GM’s recent decision to declare bankruptcy, leaving them with a nice fat $10 billion dollar 12% investment in what was already a useless company.

Heaven forbid that our government had taken that $10 billion dollars and invested it in a forward looking company like Tesla, instead they invested it in a company who’s predatory business practices have managed to drive what little innovation entirely out of their industry. Well played Canadian (and even worse US) government. Now not only are we taxpayers out that $10 billion, but we’ll STILL end up with hundreds of thousands of auto workers on our unemployment roles.

Kaylin’s comments were a little more succinct than Maks, who I think was only interested in grabbing this reporter’s camera, but in the interest of fair and balanced journalism, here is Maks’ point of view.

Maks on the GM Bankruptcy from Brian Garside on Vimeo.