Why the comics industry will one day implode upon itself…

…And why I won’t give a damn.

I just read an article from AP on Identity Crisis, “DC Comics Series Remade As a Tragedy“, the 7 issue mini-series from DC Comics which is shaking the comic universe to its very core.

First off, Identity Crisis is an amazing read. It’s doing one of the things that a story is supposed to do, showing characters we are familiar with in a whole new light. There’s a whole strolling of a “League within a League”, where some heroes are willing to do the darker, dirtier work in order to get the job done. It’s kind of like a Navy Seals within the Navy organization. The story has made a few heroes even more human, many of them heroes who have never been shown as untarnished. Hawkman and Green Arrow for example have forever been at odds, now a new explanation for some of their tensions has been put forth.

What irritates me is this line from the article: “Some comics fans are livid over the story. Morales said he has heard rumors about editors punching walls after reading the “Identity Crisis” script and other writers and artists who have threatened never to work with DC again, although few have come out publicly.

DiDio said most internal comics people who are angry are waiting until the end of the series to cast judgment.

Give me a break. First of all, if you’re so mad about a story that you’re punching walls, get over yourself and check into friggin’ reality. Second of all, if you’re willing to put your livelihood in jeopardy just because an imaginary tale upsets your little fanboy sensibilities, you really need to get into a new profession…Try knitting, it’s catching on.

Damn, DC puts out one of the finest stories of the last 20 years which actually has some lasting repercussions, and some friggin’ amazing story telling, and people are so upset they’re punching walls.

Somebody cash a reality cheque quick!

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  1. Is this true???? Folks behind the scenes are so mad about this series they are losing their minds? Maybe it’s just jealousy that someone can write a compelling story that has depth, emotion and controversy (the good kind that promotes healthy discussion about things like rape and how to write a good story). My hope is that this story has the same impact that Crisis had. Risk taking storylines.. change for a character’s development not just for change’s sake or to boost sales of a flaggin book.

    Remember they treated all the great geniuses with disdain when they broke new ground (Mozart, Einstein, Jonescu) When enough time passes and folks get past the emotion and put it in the proper context they will realize that Identity Crisis is one of the top 10 (5) major story arcs of alltime…

    Big Daddy

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